Welcome to Loki's site!

Hi, I am Loki

I am a Siberian Husky

I am almost 8 months old

I am a very loving dog and love being around my people family

More About Me

About me

AKC Siberian Husky Male


Favorite Activity: I love playing tug of war and fetching balls...when I’m not lounging chewing up sticks.


Brother is Loki

Brother is Blue

Sister is Daisy

Sister is Cleo

Reference from Sandra B

Doolin Puppies is a quality breeder whom we’d definitely look to again for our next Husky. Loki is a well bred pup and we’ve absolutely loved making him a part of our family. He is sweet and family friendly and loves being close by at all times. Aside from the typical puppy behavior, he gets along perfectly with his adult beagle sister! We adore him! Call or text me at 678-634-2280


Doolin Puppies is comprised of Carolina Shepherds, Carolina Bostons, and Carolina Huskies. We are located near the NC/SC border and ship worldwide.